Global ZEV Transition Roadmap

The Global Zero Emission Vehicles Transition Roadmap presents the collective actions the ZEV Transition Council intends to undertake with wider international partners to accelerate the transition to zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs) this decade – efforts that will help make ZEVs the most affordable, accessible, and attractive options in all regions by 2030.

Developed by the world-leading experts and initiatives of the ZEVTC’s International Assistance Taskforce (IAT), the Roadmap is informed by the Breakthrough Agenda’s recommendations and the ambition of the COP27 Global Commitment. It is the first of an annual publication, coinciding with COPs through to 2030, that will help build year-on-year momentum and ensure real-world impact this decade.

Five Strategic Challenges

Through addressing an initial set of five urgent strategic challenges and offering solutions, the Roadmap aims to reverse the current predicted trajectory that leaves many countries behind and strives to avoid a multi-tiered global auto market becoming entrenched this decade. View the solutions »

Building Capacity Across EMDEs to Develop and Implement Policy Action

Improving access to and scaling finance

Increasing the Availability of ZEVs in EMDEs

Accelerating Charging Infrastructure Roll-Out

Lifecycle Management of ZEVs, EVs and Battery Components