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Answers to common questions can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions. For more specific inquiries, contact the ZEV-RRF Hub Team at [email protected].

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Please provide name(s), email address(es) and affiliation(s) of the key contacts who will be the primary contact points for this request.

Background Information

Including, if known: (i) start date; (ii) estimated project duration; (iii) required output date [if applicable]. Please note that the targeted timeframe for completing requested projects should be 18 months or less from the start date.
Please note that requests for ZEV-RRF support must be submitted entirely by or in direct partnership with a national government ministry and/or technical agency. The ZEV-RRF currently cannot accept requests from entities unaffiliated with the national government of an eligible country.
Please provide a concise summary of the request to the RRF, addressing the specific scope and key questions which arose from any bilateral and/or recent multilateral Country Dialogues. If relevant, please also include any target vehicle segments (e.g., cars, buses, 2-wheelers)
Please briefly describe the impact that the requested technical assistance could have in advancing the ZEV transition in your country (e.g., updating NDC and/or developing a national road transport sector target, formulating new policies/regulations, securing capital investment for infrastructure, etc.). Feel free to contact [email protected] if you have additional clarifying questions.
Please briefly describe your vision for the final product of this technical assistance (e.g., research report(s), analysis, technical training (workshop, presentation), policy design support, etc.).
Please provide any additional background for the request. If this proposal has changed over the course of discussions with the ZEV-RRF Hub team, please also provide a brief summary of what those changes relate to and the rationale behind those changes.
If you have a particular spoke(s) in mind who might be well-placed to respond to this request, please indicate that here. If any discussion with such organisations has taken place already, please provide some details on that engagement (e.g., during bilateral and/or multilateral Country Dialogues). A full list of ZEV-RRF Spoke organizations, our technical assistance delivery partners, can be found at
The ZEV-RRF responds to requests in a variety of ways, including signposting to existing resources, referring requesters to ongoing projects being carried out by members of the ZEV-RRF Spoke Network, and developing bespoke projects funded by the ZEV-RRF. The Facility currently has funding from the Drive Electric Campaign earmarked for technical assistance projects related to standards and regulations for new vehicles, including CO2/GHG emissions standards, fuel economy standards, and ZEV regulations. Countries working on these topics are particularly encouraged to submit a request for technical assistance. Any funding made available through the ZEV-RRF would primarily support the cost of carrying out the requested technical assistance. ZEV-RRF-coordinated funding cannot cover costs for purchasing, upgrading, or repairing physical assets.
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