Supply side ZEV regulations: LDVs

Verified on 28 Aug 2023

ZEV regulations pertaining to sale of LDVs

Policy NamePolicy StatusSummaryPublication DatePCLCV
California Advanced Clean Cars (ACC) II RegulationIn force100% EV share of LDV sales by 2035, at most 20% PHEV. This regulation has since been adopted by: New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington. Considering adopting: Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico2022YesYes
British Columbia (BC) Zero Emission Vehicles Act 2019In force100% EV share of LDV sales by 2040; 10% by 2025; 30% by 20302019YesYes
Washington SB 5974 Addressing Transportation ResourcesIn force100% ZEV share of LDV sales by 20302022YesYes

Source: ICCT research.